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GO! Low-balling empowerment guru Tony Robbins, Bob and Ed (co-writers Bill Jenkins and Jim Rasfeld) are a pair of checker-suited con men trafficking in self-help theologies on the cheap — run from your problems, they counsel in their tightly choreographed pitch; run for the rest of your life, it’s easier than confrontation. What you need, they’ll provide — Catholicism made easier, Taoism, Buddhism — it’s all used cars to them. Somehow the devout Catholic Larson family winds its way, one by one, into their doors. Coach Ted Larson (Brian Hamill) just lost his job due to anger and violence issues; he and his housewife, Mrs. Larson (Kathleen Campbell), fret that their estranged son (Lucas Dick) questions the existence of God. The culminating enlightenment showdown between father and son comes out of nowhere and returns there, but the appearance of God (Wade Kelley) in sports shirt and sneakers makes it all worthwhile. The Holy Father is what the English might call gormless. Though intellectually astute, his jaw-dropped reactions are about half a beat behind, not to mention his barely contained fury at people who blame Him that the world’s not perfect or, worse, that He doesn’t exist. As though this is all His fault. Among many moments of delight is His attempted seduction of Mrs. Larson at a local bar. “I worship you, but not that way,” she protests. “I know, I know, you just want to be friends,”He fumes. That the dire state of the world could be explained by the distractions of a sex-addicted God is probably a first, and director Jane Morris has the sketch comedy glee down pat, as do her actors. FANATIC SALON THEATER, 3815 Sawtelle Blvd., Culver City; Sat., 8 p.m.; thru Aug. 25. (310) 795-7469.